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The supply of management talent is limited. The total workforce in the United States will grow just 10-12 percent by the year 2010. The number of executives in the prime demographic group that will supply companies with their future leaders will decrease.

Companies will have to work harder if they are going to win the battle for talented Managers. Companies that are able to attract and retain the best talent will have a tremendous advantage over their competition.

Regardless of the economic climate, there is always a shortage of outstanding talent in relation to the demand. Increasingly, the knowledgeable manager today can no longer depend on traditional methods of recruiting. Not only do the costs become staggering, but also personal referrals, employment ads, internet recruiting, and employment agencies tend to attract resumes from many individuals. Unfortunately, only a few resumes come from the individuals a company seeks to hire. Such candidates must be sought out singularly and approached personally with a skilled presentation concerning the opportunity a specific company can offer them.

The recruiting firm you select should be "specifically" familiar with your industry. In working with these companies on a day-to-day basis, Harwood Allen Associates has a pulse on what is going on in High Tech We are in a first hand position to know which candidates are top performers, which ones are not, which ones are seriously looking for a change and which ones would waste your interviewing time and expenses. We are also in a superior position to negotiate compensation packages and will be able to help you hire the best candidate for reasonable compensation.

Harwood Allen Associates efficiently handles the nuances of searching and evaluating top talent for firms, large and small. We have at our command the special skills and a network of contacts ...developed through daily communication with "your" industry, companies and people... ensuring the attainment of our mutual goals.

Harwood Allen Associates focuses on the placement of key professionals in the Enterprise Software, Datacom and Telecom arenas. We provide high growth start-ups, service providers and multinational companies with retained, Modified retained and exclusive contingency search campaigns in high technology. Strong search firms who focus on a particular segment of the market are better able to understand their market space and quickly identify and benchmark the key talent and become a crucial source to your competitive advantage.

If your company is looking for a partner who never stops looking for or identifying key talent to give you the advantage in Benchmarking the Best in Battle for Talent, please give us a call today.


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